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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haller Park.

   Haller Park is nature park in BamburiMombasa, on the Kenyan Coast. It is the transformation of a quarry wasteland into an ecological paradise. Haller Park holds a variety of plant and animal species which serve as a recreation hot spot to tourists and locals (wikipedia).
   It was previously a barren piece of land that had been stripped of its resources through limestone mining, and was redeveloped through reforestation and conservation efforts, and is now a habitat for a large number of flora and fauna species. 

This big guy was the first to welcome us. It likes to be tickled under the neck and is not shy. They are the natural land mowers of Haller park as the green grass is kept levelled and very neat just by the act of eating the grass. So the tortoise is happy and the place looks very neat. A win win situation.   
FACT : Giant tortoises are among the world's longest-living animals, with an average lifespan of 100 years or more, some are thought to be over 200 years of age, but this is difficult to verify because they tend to outlive their human observers. They are however now categorised as an endangered species. 

Giraffes are herbivores, so the feed on their surrounding vegetation, but we had the honour of feeding them their supplements. We all had to wash our hands cos of the slimy giraffe saliva.

These Hippos are a couple called Potty and Sally. They been together for about 20 years but have no kids.

And thats about it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mamba Village!!!!!

Mamba Village is situated in Nyali, Mombassa. It is East Africa's (and I think Africa's) largest crocodile farm.
This post is going to be mainly about crocodiles.

The entrance (I got this one on the internet, i didn't take a photo, but this is pretty much how it looks).

After we got our tickets, we got a tour guide who took us round the farm. We got there right on time for feeding the crocodiles which was around 5pm. The farm has about 8 ponds and each contain at least 20 crocodiles of about the same age.


read that sign......LOL
The crocodiles are fed at least once a week, so 1 pond on a day of the week, so these crocodiles have been conditioned to know what day and time their feeding is gonna be, but it take about 15 to 20 years for them to get used to this routine.

The guy rings the bell and prepares to feed them while they gather around.

Crocodile missing a foot, probably due to feeding fights.
And they gathered around.
And he lowered the meat.



Let the strongest win!!!!!!!!

The little ones......reared mainly for their skin. And these are the ones used for meat in the Mamba village restaurant (it tasted really nice).

We also saw some snakes.

T'was a good outing..............