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Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of Krakow

I'm so sorry that it has taken me forever to post the rest of the Krakow photos. I have been super busy with school and have very little time right now.

A photo of the huge church in the Rynek square.

Rynek square.

"Eros Bound” sculpture of a head

You've seen this before, if you haven't click HERE
This is the other bridge, adjacent to the 'love padlock bridge' for cars and trams and pedestrians as well.

Beautiful Sunset.

On our last night in Krakow, we went to have the Polish hot red wine called Grzani

Friday, April 6, 2012

International Food Day

      Hi there, today in school was the annual International food day organised by FMSA(foreign medical students association). I know that today is 'Good Friday', but in Hungary it's a work day, so we still have to go to school. 
     Basically, what happens is that every country that want to participate, cooks some food and sell to those who want to try out different food. It is a charity event, so the money goes to the paediatrics department of the university (I think). Every team is allowed to spend a certain amount of money, paid by the FMSA of course. Everyone has to get tickets with which they can purchase food. 

    It is a really fun fun event. and there are winners of course. This year Palestine came first, Cyprus second and I can't remember the country that came 3rd.

  Here are some photos of the event. ENJOY

 Nigeria :)

This was just at the beginning of the event, in less than 30 minutes, the whole place was so crowded that moving around was a hustle.


Nigerian food stand :)


Italian food stand.

Nigerian rice.

 After the winners were announced, the event turned into a big outdoor party, with lots of music and dancing.