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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vltava River

 Vltava river is the longest river in Czech. It is crossed by 18 bridges and that includes the Charles bridge. I absolutely fell in love with the river, it looked so beautiful and the sun set was just stunning. I stood there for more than 40 minutes, watching the birds go about their business, till the cold started to get to me, then I left. I took a bunch of pictures and would like to share some with you.

The Sun over the Vltava.
The Sun looks so pretty. Remember never look at the sun directly ;)

A bird flying into the bright light.

fast shutter speed

slow shutter speed
*Still working on my 'shutter speed' skills

The Charles bridge crossing the Vltava river

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  1. Rich, very rich pictures. I think the silhouette one is my best, as well as the shutter speed ones.

  2. Oh this is such a beautiful river, not like Tiber in Rome, I love the pictures!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. this is a really beautiful place... thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Yes, very beautiful and love the natural scene. The sun reflections are very nice, I also love playing with it. The slow shutter speed picture is good, I would like to see more of those later. It is fun and creates motion. Beautiful river and photos.

    1. Thanks Chuck, I will look into more slow shutter speed photos.