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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New year!!!!!!

Sorry for the long silence since my last post. I know, I am 18 days late., but better late than never, right? It has been really busy these past few weeks. I had to continue my exams almost immediately after new year and I literally have had time just to sleep, eat and study. But thank God, I'm done with them now and I have about 2 weeks of lazying about before the new semester starts.
  Things that make or are gonna make this year special.........

1. When somebody asks me (and believe me they always do...maybe cos I've been in school for so long) When are you going to graduate? I can now answer...Next year (by God's grace of course), still far I know, but its better than saying in 3 years.

2. I'm gonna start my final year this year, which is really exciting but scary as well. Scary in the sense that I have a little over a year to get my act straight, not that I've been a joker in Med school, just that I really feel the need to get more serious, because in the very near future, I will be responsible for someone's care, health and life. It's exciting because I'm going to various places in the course of my final year for different clinical experiences and being the adventurer that I am, i'm just so excited to experience different cultures, languages, cuisines and of course health care systems.

I also want to use this medium to clarify a few issues
1. The name of my blog-->> MissJay Anonyme--->>> I just wanted to start a blog so badly and I didn't have a name for it. I thought about it for a long time but still couldn't come up with anything. So I decided to call it "unnamed", but that sounded very bla, and then I translated it to French, hence anonyme.
2. A friend asked me if this was a medical school blog or photography blog, and the answer is its none of those. I just just about my personal experiences, places I travel to (mostly due to med school but personal trips as well) and my interests such as photography (which I've really gotten into lately and enjoy). I really don't want to blog about the intricate details of med school, cos I honestly think its boring, so most my stories will have a factor of med school to it, but not necessarily about med school.

Anyway, I hope this year is already going great and I wish you all the very best of 2012!!!!