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Sunday, March 4, 2012



      Thank God the worst of winter is past us here. This winter was a very challenging one especially for pedestrians like myself. Walking to school through thick snow everyday isn't easy. It was also not easy getting up in the morning. I had to set my alarm clock about 15 minutes earlier than the usual time I woke up in case I had to snooze, which happened every single day. Thankfully, I can now wake up to the first ring:))

     The days are now longer and the sun shines well now. It's still cold but not icy cold at least I don't need to use gloves anymore.

I just want to share bunch of photos that I have accumulated this winter. ENJOY :))

 You probably can't tell where the road starts from, except for those cars.
My neighbour's car :( I'm sure she had trouble getting out the next day.
I tried to create a 'depth of field' here. I was somewhat successful. My camera is quite limited in this area. 

My boots embedded in the snow.

She must be cold....

The main building of my university.
People skating over the frozen pond in the park.

Something abandoned in the park.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the pics of the front of Kossuth building. And the one of the bird too. Well done.

  2. Very nice pictures, indeed. They are very clear, which is good. The depth of field one turned out pretty good in my opinion. The background does blur. However, the picture of the robin could have been better. I always have trouble shooting birds, because they either move or perch in a bad setting. Then I start following the bird or just give up. :(

    1. thanks, true, the robin was moving very fast. I saw it coincidentally and I put the camera on as fast as I could.