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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Haus Des Meeres

Some time ago, I was privileged to visit Haus Des Meeres ( it means "House of the Sea") in Vienna, Austria. It is a public aquarium housing over 10,000 aquatic beings. I think i just love animals and love taking photos of them even more. This outing was not an exception. 

    There are about 9 floors and a lot to see. I started from the topmost floor. I had a good view of the city of Vienna from up there.

Look well into the distance and you can see the Danube tower.
  Now, back to Haus Des Meeres. I had a lovely time taking these photos. It was a bit challenging because I had to do it through glass and glare is a problem. 
   Sorry, I didn't even bother remembering the specific names of the animals, because I was busy taking photos. There are also snakes, crocodiles, a few birds and monkeys. I had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photo from wikipedia

Beautiful colours!!!!!!

Loved the way it curled its whole body on that branch.

It just stared straight at me

The tank was dark, but I love the blue light. It gave the photo some nice effect.

Close up, love those eyes.

A school of Fish.

`Lunch time: They were been fed at that time, thats why there's a lot of grains in the water.

The largest tank, It spanned about 3 floors. It contained a Shoal of fish. Look, there's shark in front of me.

Till next time........xoxo.


  1. wonderful post...
    I love your blog!
    a big kiss from Italy!


  2. Thanks so much, I love yours too :))

  3. Wow, it is a wonderful place indeed! Vivid colors and exotic animals -- ideal scene to experiment with the camera settings. Must have been a great experience!