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Friday, July 13, 2012

One Year Anniversary!!

         Hi guys, today marks one year since I started this blog. Yes, today one year ago, I wrote my first post. I can't even believe that time has flown past this fast. I was in Kenya by this time last year. I started this blog to keep an account of things, places I visit, my experiences in general in my final 2 years of school. For posts on Kenya, I'll leave the links below.

    If you are just stumbling on this blog, just a recap for you. I am a medical student (final year now...YAY) with a love for travel and photography. This blog is a way of bringing this three aspects together. As I said earlier, I started this blog for me, so that in some distant future I can recapture these times in my life.

  Somehow, I can bring these aspects of my life together. My school allows students to take some Hospital practices outside the university and so I just make the most out of that. As a matter of fact, thats what I was doing in Kenya last year. This summer, for the last 5 weeks, I have been in a small town in Sweden called Uddevalla. It is part of Surgery rotation. The experience has been very positive as I found that swedish people are extremely nice even though I couldn't speak the Language (a very large percent of Swedish people speak English ). The doctors were all kind, just ask and they'll help. For that I am extremely grateful and pleased that I came here.

As for photos, I am extremely sorry that I have no photos. I have not carried my camera for about 3 months, for personal reasons I guess, maybe it's just lack of motivation or inspiration. I hope I can get to taking photos soon.

I will leave you with this one photo. It is of the Uddevalla bridge, very pretty, isn't it?

*I do not own the photos above*
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