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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elective Africa PART 2/3

     I arrived Mombassa at 7am. I was picked up from the airport by Phares (also an Elective africa employee who was in charge of operations in Malindi and now Mombassa) and Bernard (our driver who took us to hospital and brought us back home everyday). We hit it of immediately, discussing politics, Nigerian movies and accents and the like.
    When I got to the house, the other students were already ready to go to hospital. I said hi to everyone I saw that morning and introduced myself and got settled into my room which I shared with three other ladies.
     One of my roommates (Nikki) was due to leave the next day as she had already spent 4 weeks in Mombassa. She took the day off and was going to go into town for the last time. She asked if I wanted to come and I immediately accepted the invitation as I was pumped up with adrenaline even thought I barely slept the previous night. We went to white sands beach and just walked up and down the beach for hours while all the vendors were breathing down our necks to buy their goods.
    That evening I met the whole "household" at dinner (we usually all ate in the common living area). They all told me their names even though I probably remembered none. I suck at remembering people's names and it takes more than one contact with someone to learn their name.
     As it was Nikki's last night, we all just remained in the living area chatting for hours. I listened most of the time 'cause I was the new one.  There was even a time where this guy, Neil started playing his guitar and singing (and he was really good too). By this time I was sure that I would have an awesome time with these people. All in all, it was an awesome first day. I was happy that I had the courage to embark on this journey even though I knew no one before I got there and didn't know what to expect.

  First night. There was power outage. So you probably can't see me, even I can't see me, lol.

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