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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elective Africa PART 3/3

Read Elective Africa PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE before you continue below.

  The next few weeks were ones that i will never forget. The people I meet, friends I made and the whole experience in general----I will never trade. I can't begin to give day to day account of my time in Kenya, That will have to be the longest blog post and you'll get bored. Luckily I already did some posts while I was in Kenya. These are the highlights.......
1. First weekend-----trip to masai mara. Check out my previous posts on the following links Rift ValleyMasai Mara National Reserve,  The Masai Tribe,  Camping site.
2. Places to visit in Mombassa Mamba Village,  Haller Park, Fort Jesus, and the beach---->>>> Definitely

4. Other places to visit in Kenya------->>>>> Malindi, Diani beach(pictures below)




    We had very good food as well. Dollars and Lilly cooked for and took care of us. Thank you, miss you.
Chapati and fried vegetables with some kind of soup. YUMM.

    Finally this post will not be complete if I don't take out time to remember "Pebbles" the cat, the official pet for the house. Unfortunately she died before we got back from Masai mara. A very confident, beautiful cat she was.

   And as the day finally came for me to leave this place I had grown to love, these people who I had come to call friends, I was very nervous. I had a cocktail of emotions running through me because I knew I would greatly miss this place, these people and that wasn't even the part that hurt the most. It was the fact that even though we had added each other on facebook, and had exchanged email addresses, promised to keep in touch and even to probably plan a reunion, I knew that distance and indeed time does separate people and that we would get busy when we got back to our normal lives and that this summer of 2011 will just be a memory we will always treasure in our hearts. If any of you guys (anyone i met in Kenya, 2011) are reading this right now, just know that in your own individual unique ways, you made Kenya very special for me and this I will treasure.
  As 6.30pm came, time to leave for the airport, everyone came out to see me off, we took last minute photos, hugged and hugged and struggled to fight off the tears. On the way to the airport, the driver (not Bernard) who could speak very little English, looked up to the centre mirror to speak to me and said "your trip, very good?" and I answered "indeed It was very good."
    Now I know that this is one of the best things I have ever done, one of the best experiences I've had. And now I say Kwaheri Mombassa, Kwaheri Kenya. (Swahili........Kwaheri----Goodbye) 

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