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Friday, February 17, 2012

The City of Prague.

The tourist in me, ready to go :))

My friends.


    Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) is a 14th century stone bridge linking the two sides of Prague. This magnificent structure is one of the city's finest attractions, and is the main pedestrian route connecting the 'Old Town' with the Lesser town (Mala Strana) and Prague Castle. The bridge crosses the River Vltava.

    There are about 30 statues on the bridge, most of which are copies as the originals have been destroyed over time due to floods or other catastrophes. 

  There are 2 towers (Old Town Bridge Tower and Mala Strana Bridge Tower) for entrance and exit of the bridge, depending on what direction you are facing.

The 'Old Town Bridge Tower'

On the Charles Bridge.

Other views of the Charles Bridge.

Can you see the Prague castle in the distance??????

Mala strana >>> Lesser Town, where the Prague castle is located.

I'm going to post the next 2 photos in their original sizes so that you can really appreciate the view.

The view of the city of Prague from the Prague Castle Complex.

Taken from the Charles bride.

Moving on >>>>>>>>> OLD TOWN SQUARE.
It is located close to the Charles bridge. Dominant buildings here are 'Church of our Lady before Týn' and the astronomical clock. 
Church of our Lady before Týn ...........  I just think the name is very interesting.

Astronomical Clock Tower.

       The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj (Czech: Pražský orloj -cs) is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, at. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.
      I tried to do some reading about the astronomical clock but the physics behind it is kind of complex. Basically, it can show the position of the sun and the moon in the sky. At the turn of every hour, it shows figures of the apostles and other moving and other moving structures. 

The outer golden numbers count from 1-24, representing 'old Czech Time' or 'Italian hours' where the 1st hour starts at sun set.

 I didn't wait to see this display mainly because it was so cold that day. All I wanted to do was to find a Cafe and have some cappuccino (and Prague is famous for their numerous cafes).  It was about -12 degrees celsius that day (as you can see from my outfit) despite the heavy presence of the sun, it was icy cold.

Under the Astronomical clock is a present day calendar that was added in 1870,

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