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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Prague Castle.

Prague castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world (according to Guinness book of records).  It has been the seat of the ancient Czech kings throughout the ages.
The Prague castle complex comprises 3 courtyards and many other buildings, including St. Vitus Cathedral (it is the most recognisable landmark in the city )of which I have a ton of photos. There are also several palaces, Museums, art galleries, cafes, and a monastery.

The view at the entrance to the Castle complex.

It is free to wander around the courtyards. It is even free to enter the St. Vitus Cathedral. However, you will only be allowed to stay at the back, you will not be allowed to go any further. To see the entire building, a ticket must be purchased.

The gate.

Taken from the second courtyard. You can see the top part of the St Vinus Cathedral.
The second courtyard.

I went to the ticket office to get a ticket to go into the St. Vinus Cathedral and I was told that I they only sold combination tickets (for 4 buildings in the complex). Since my trip was seriously budgeted, I told the sales officer that I didn't want to go into any other building, just the St. Vinus Cathedral, but he said they didn't sell single tickets. Then I became so sad, because I really wanted to go in. When all this was happening, there was a young police officer or a castle guard or someone that worked there (I really don't know, but He was in uniform). Well, he heard my entire conversation with the Sales officer and he came and told me to please come with Him. I was shocked, but I followed. While we walked towards the Cathedral, we exchanged greetings. He took me into the Cathedral, said a few words to the Ladies checking the tickets and led me right through, without paying anything O_O. I was so overjoyed, thanked him, shook his hands and he told me to enjoy the rest of tour and I said thank you. He turned and left. It took me about 10 seconds to come to terms with what just happened and then I continued with the tour. This is just an example that there is still some GOOD in this crazy world.

Anyway, back to the post.....................

The St. Vinus Cathedral.

To many people, St. Vinus is the Prague Castle. The is understandable because it is the most beautiful building there and it fills the skyline of the Castle complex. Work on the cathedral was commissioned by Charles IV and started in 1344. It was completed between 1873-1929, meaning it took nearly 6 centuries to complete. Having said that, the work speaks for itself, so I guess it was well worth all the time it took.

Now moving inside.......................

The ceiling.

From an angle.

I was able to produce so 'Bokeh'

I hope you enjoyed this post. Watch out for more photos on other parts of Prague

Stay Blessed :))


  1. I love the close ups. Some nice pics here. Have you ever considered doing a panoramic view, because this place would have been ideal for one.

  2. I have never tried it, but I think I need a wide angle lens for that. And thanks again :)

  3. Not necessarily. Some cameras have panoramic function, when they build a panoramic picture by taking several pictures as you turn around...

    Anyway, the pictures are very beautiful. Nice attention on the details. I really like the second picture as you experimented with an artistic angle. :) But some of those figures on the cathedral are really scary. :( The downside of Christian art...

    Will wait for the rest of the pictures,

  4. Ok, I'll experiment with my camera. Thanks for the amazing comment. I'll post the rest soon.

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