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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trip to Eger, Hungary

Last sunday, I went on a day trip with some school mates. The trip was organised by the student union called FMSA(foreign medical student association). It was quite a bargain so I jumped on the opportunity to go.

We went to Eger, a city in the north of Hungary. Eger is known for 3 things........
1. The architecture 
2. Wine 
3. Thermal bath

We visited the Famous Eger Basilica (I  dedicated an entire post to this, click here), the Eger Castle, the city centre and the thermal bath. 

The Eger castle. I know what you are thinking........it doesn't look like a castle. Thats because all that is left of this castle is its walls. In 1552, the Turkish army of 80,000 soldiers attacked Eger castle (which was protected by only 1,935 Hungarian soldiers) in what  is now know historically as the "Siege of Eger", the Hungarians prevailed against the Turks.

However in 1596, a bigger army of Turks attacked Eger again and they ruled Eger for 91 years. Then in 1701, the Austrians exploded half of the Castle. Sorry for the lesson in history, but I find it very interesting.
The southern gate.
Up and up we go......
Me, a gun and the Hyppolit gate behind

The group from School.

The view of Eger from up the Castle. The building on the right is the Eger Basilica and on the left is the Eger minorite Church.
The Eger Castles walls.

We just walked around the city exploring more...

In Dobó square, you'll see these

The Eger Minorite Church.

I had a big bowl of Goulash for lunch and it was AMAZING :))
A little river that runs through the city.

At the end of the day, the whole group from school had dinner at a local restaurant.

I don't know what this meal is called, but it is a local Hungarian dish and it was nice.
Eger Wine
When we were ready to leave it began to snow again. All in all, it was a very good trip. I was exhausted at this time.

Less I forget, I also got some souvenirs

Wine of course included. I got two bottles of Eger wine, one white and the other red.
Thanks for reading...................

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